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We received a holiday gift from Safeway/Albertson’s Nourishing Neighbors Community Relief Fund

First Five Years and Beyond (FFYB) and Rainier Valley Corps (RVC are excited to announce that the organizations have received a grant from their Nourishing Neighbors Community Relief Fund, what a way to kick off the new year!

The grant will help us ensure that the most vulnerable members of our community can fight against hunger especially as COVID-19 continues to take a human, employment, and economic toll.

This round of Nourishing Neighbors grant focuses on the needs of communities, which have been particularly hard hit as COVID-19 takes a toll.

We are committed to ensuring that the families we serve have the food they need during this difficult time. We will use the grant to provide parents with a monthly Safeway voucher and/or gift cards to support their family in accessing nutritious foods while they continue to educate and support online/distance learning for their preschool and school-aged children.

Safeway/Albertson’s Nourishing Neighbors Community Relief The initiative was launched with a $53 million company donation in 2020. Since then, generous customers have donated an additional $57 million at the register. We thank all donations big and small.

We graciously thank Safeway/Albertson’s Nourishing Neighbors Foundation for providing FFYB with the opportunity to help local families of preschool and school-aged children “keep nutritious food on the table” during these turbulent times! #Nourishingneighbors.

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